Balls Crikmstrs 333 Cricket Shoes Blue Grey

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Features of Balls Crikmstrs 333 Cricket Shoes :

From the Crikmstrs 333 series of Balls Cricket.  

* Off road:- Rubber outsole specifically designed for off road surfaceswith multi directional lugs to maximum surface contact for superiorbarefoot traction.

* Outsole:-  2.5mm with 4.4mm lugs offering maximum proprioception.

* Removable insole:- removable 4mm pressed EVA insole for additionalthermal Protection when necessary.

* Lining:- Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking andsuperior  comfort.

* Upper:-Breathable mesh, this mesh allow ventilation and airflow aroundthe foot.

* Top ground:-  High PU toe guard protects the foot and prevents scuffs foradditional durability.

* ECO credentials:- 100% non toxic vegan material.

* Weight:- 400 g. approx. 

At Cricketershop, we also have Balls Crikmstrs 333 Shoes in Colour Blue Grey.





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Balls Crickmstrs 333 Blue/Steel Gey

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