Gunn & Moore (GM) 909 d30 Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads Mens Size

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Features of Gunn & Moore (GM) 909 d30 Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads :	

d30 TM intelligent Shock Absorption is a Patented Material by GM Cricket.

* Engineered with Intelligent Molecules that flow with the move but lock together on shock to reduce impact.

* Intelligent Shock Absorption. Futuristic Design.

* Light Weight High Density Foam Construction.

* Internal Knee Bolster shaped to provide extra protection to the knee.

* Increased Ankle, Thigh and Calf protection with extended Wing and extended Top.

* Triple Vertical Internal Bolsters for protection while giving Flexibility.

* Curved Top Hat for a closer wrap around- increased protection for inner thigh.

* Wipe Clean PU Facing for easy maintenance.

* Instep Material from synthetic Abrasion Resistant material for long life.

* Availabla in Senior/Mens Size.

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GM 909 D30 BLG M RH

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