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Gunn & Moore (GM) Kryos 444 English Willow Cricket Bat Size SH

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Was: ₹16,075
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Features of Gunn & Moore (GM) Kryos 444 English Willow Cricket Bat Size SH : 

Latest 2024 Design

* Kryos 444 is a Premium World Famous Range of Bats from GM Cricket.

* Kryos 444 is suitable for play at Club and County level. 

* 3-6 Straight Grains. 

* 1175-1225 Grams weight. 

* Massive Edge Thickness of 37-40 mm. 

* Available in Size Senior/Mens SH. 

* Comes with a Padded Bat Cover.

In India, Cricketer Shop is the top destination for the Best Quality English Willow Cricket Bats.

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