Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads Large Size

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Features of Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads Large Size :   

Latest 2020 Design Model

* SUPER SLIM The slimmest leg guards ever made. Studies have shown that bulky pads have a severe negative effect on running speed.

* Results in a shortened stride length and increased stride width, a running pattern that is not as efficient as the naturally evolved stride.

* With Moonwalkr, your running speed improves by up to 3 yards for every run taken.

* STRONG A ballistic proof composite used to give the product its super strong character.

* Moonwalkr shields you at speeds of 160 kph.

* ULTRA LIGHT Moonwalkr pioneers the age of the super strong, ultra light gear. 40% lighter than traditional leg guards.

* Men's Size - Ambidexterous- Suitable for both Right and Left Handed Batsmen.  

Professional Grade Cricket Gear...only at the Specialist. 




Additional Details

Weight of 1 Pair:
1085 Grams

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