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Cricketershop Exclusive Members Club



Constance Cricket Club is exclusively for the Members.


All the members have their own corner on our site. You need to be a member to access that area.

These are some of the special previliges that only the members of the club enjoy:

1. Special Deals, Discounts and Sales Events.

2. Exclusive Product Launches. The new collections launched by the brands are first available here.

3. Right to buy 'I Am a Cricketer' Test Cap.


Who can become a member?

Membership to the club requires prior approval from our Captain. The club is open to only those who actually

play cricket. We will need some proof that you are a cricketer. The proof can be a pic of you playing or

membership of a cricket club, school team, cricket academy, corporate cricket team etc. If you play for fun on

weekends, that's fine too. Please send your requests to mytestcap@cricketershop.com 



'I Am a Cricketer' Test Cap

The 'I am a Cricketer' cap is available for purchase only to the members of the Constance Cricket Club. There is

no limit on the number of caps a member can buy. However, we do request that the cap is worn only by cricketers.



What are those Numbers on the 'I am a Cricketer' Cap?

Let's keep it only among us Cricketers. You know it, we know it. Let's not tell everyone!!