SS Gladiator Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads Mens Size

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Features of SS Gladiator Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads : 

Latest 2020 Model :SS 'Gladiator' - Light Weight Premium Quality Batting Leg Gaurd Pads.

* Modern Moulded Minimalistic Design.

* High density sponge filled bolster.

* Extra shin protection with a braod foam filled centre strip.

* PVC Instep - wear resistant, long lasting piping for durability.

* Senior/Men's Size SS ' Gladiator' Batting Leg Guard Pads are a premium product at Cricketer Shop.  

Highly Recommended Top Quality Product from SS Cricket. India's Most Trusted Specialist Online Cricket




Additional Details

Weight of 1 Pair:
1395 Grams

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