Spartan Cricket Bats

Spartan Cricket Bats are the latest rage in World Cricket. The cricket bats and other equipment is designed in conjunction with the famous cricketers and the ranges bear their name.

Michael Clarke, MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Mat Prior and Sir Viv Richards are some of the brand ambassadors.

Known for thier technical innovations and very fresh and colourful designs, Spartan bats are meant for both the professional cricketers as well as the casual players. Available in English and Kashmir Willow.

At Cricketer Shop, we have started with a selected range and plan to have the complete range of Spartan Cricket bats, equipment and kit in India. Choose from Spartan MSD Helicopter, MSD 7 Fighter, Chris Gayle Fighter or Sparta English Willow Bats.

Choosing the right cricket bat is crucial for a serious player. We understand that at Crcketer Shop. Please ask us for the exact photos of the piece you will get, grains, weight and balance....before you pay. We are at stand by to help.

Cricketer Shop is the highest ranked cricket equipment site in the world. However, we endevour to provide service of your trusted corner shop. Try us.

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