International Shipping


International Shipping


Cricketer Shop delivers cricket to all the continents except Antarctica!

We have extremely economical shipping rates for most locations in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe-UK, the Middle East Asia and South Africa. In terms of shipping time, we can reach most places in 4 to 5 days. So, if you broke a bat this Sunday, you can easily get a replacement for the next weekend game.

A note on how we calculate Shipping/Courier costs. Hope this will answer most of your questions:


1. The shipping costs are based on Volumetric Weight calculations used by most international couriers.

2. So, products like Kit Bags and Leg Guards attract highest shipping costs. Cricket Helmets and Shoes come in next and the Bats after that.

3. Also, there is a minimum cost to remember. If a product has almost no weight or volume ( like a Bat Face Tape), it will still attract a minimum charge for shipping.

4. Courier rates are based on your location. From our side, all couriers originate from one point.

5. There are usually two choices that most locations have. These are:

a) Express Delivery- the goods will reach you in 4-5 days.

We use Fed-ex, DHL, Aramex or equally good courier services.


b) Standard Delivery- the goods will reach you in 16-20 days.

We use international Speed Post EMS services.


How do we calculate Shipping Costs on your Cricket purchase?


Our system calculates based on the weight/volume of your purchase, your location and your choice of Express or Standard modes.

The following formula is used for arriving at the total Shipping Costs:

1. If you buy just one item, straight rate is applied.

2. If you buy two items, total shippings costs are discounted by 20%.

3. For three items, the discount is 30%.

4. For four items, the discount is 40% and for 5 items or more, it is 50%.

5. It does not matter if you buy all different items/styles/articles or multiples of the same product.

6. In case you plan to buy even bigger quantities, please contact us and we will work out best shipping options for you.

7. We are able to offer these discounts partly because we get better effeciency on packing with every extra item. Also, we understand that the international courier charges are still too high and spoiling the fun.


A Note on Customs Duty:


Please note that the prices or shipping costs from our side DO NOT include any customs charges.

1. Customs duty at your end, if any, have to be borne by you.

In general, our experience is that most shipments do not attract any customs at arrival. However, every country has their own customs rules and its almost impossible to predict.

2. Other than Customs Duty, you do not need to pay anything extra to the courier company. All packages are sent pre-paid from our end.