Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow Cricket Bat

Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow Cricket Bat

12th Jul 2021

Kashmir Willow vs. English Willow Bat Cricket Bat

Many young cricketers have come to the selection with the wrong bat. The wrong bat could be of the wrong size, weight, or even type of willow. These variables can have a significant impact on a player's performance.

Let's begin with the type and variety of willow (wood). Two types of willow are commonly used to make cricket bats: Kashmir Willow and English Willow. Willow is the vital thing in a cricket bat. It gives strength and compression to the bat. There are huge differences between the performance of these two types of willow. First, English Willow is grown in England, while Kashmir Willow is grown north of India Kashmir. English willow is different from Kashmir willow bats. English willow is white, while Kashmir willow will be brownish. The Kashmir Willow bats are heavier than English willow bats, and therefore much more affordable to purchase. They aren't as 'pingy' as English willow bats, and junior cricketers don't get the same value from Kashmir Willow bats.

Difference between Kashmir willow & English willow

General Factors

Both willows are made from the same tree, Salix alba. This tree is found all over the globe. The physical properties of this tree will vary depending on where they are located. This is due to differences in physical factors like rainfall, climate changes, soil nutrients, and moisture. The best places to grow Salix alba are England and Kashmir. They are solid and durable, with a high rebound quality and low moisture content. This makes them ideal for use against leather cricket bats. Let's now look at the differences between the two types and how they impact the selection of cricket fraternity across the globe.


Both willows come from the same tree, so there is little difference between a Kashmir Willow and an English Willow bat in terms of durability. Both types of willows have almost the same probability. English Willow, however, is more delicate.


The main difference between these two wood types is their colour. English Willow bats shine brighter than their Kashmiri counterparts because the English willow is lighter than the Kashmiri willow.

Grain texture

Grains are reddish-brown/black lines that are found on the surface of cricket bats. English Willow cricket bats have more visible grains than Kashmir Willow cricket bats. The grain is not visible in Kashmir Willow bats. However, the difference in grains is not that significant. Both types of willows have a wide 4-5 grain, and in English willow, it has upto 15 grain.

Weighing and orientation

The bat's weight and orientation are other distinguishing factors. The Kashmir willows are typically heavier than their English ones. This is because Kashmir willows are denser and more moister than their English willow, which causes them to be heavier. High-quality Kashmir bats are balanced and will not affect the bat's speed or ping. The orientation of the fibers in Kashmir willow is slightly horizontal than those in English willows. These orientations are why the grains are somewhat less prominent than Kashmir willow.


English willow is more fragile than Kashmir willow and is more susceptible to breaking (especially if it is not smashed correctly). If properly cared for, Kashmir willow can last up to five years longer than English willow.


It all comes down to this! English willow bats cost more than Kashmir willow bats. English willow bats can be purchased for anywhere from INR 3000 to INR 100000. Prices for Kashmir willow bats range from INR 1000 to INR 4000. Your level of playing cricket, your age, and your budget will all play a role in the choice.

Which one should you buy?

High-quality English willows are more expensive than high-quality Kashmir willows. English willow is more costly than a Kashmir willow of comparable quality. It also has a lighter ping and bat speed, which leads to better bat flexibility. A Kashmiri willow of high quality would be better than an English willow if one begins their professional career. If the factors mentioned above are considered when purchasing a high-quality Kashmir bat, it can be used for professional cricket. It is better to switch to a higher quality English willow as time goes by.