Top 5 ​Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats For The Season

Top 5 ​Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats For The Season

4th Jul 2021

Top 5 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats For The Season

It is very clear from the name that Kashmir willow originally comes from Kashmir, India. It is preferred over English willow as it is 3 times harder than English one and also cheaper. And the only difference is about the sweet spot. These are lighter than English willow ones. And this article will enlist some of the famous and good quality Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats.

5. SG Sierra Plus Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

With a relatively low sweet spot, it is perfect for the Indian pitch. The 3-way insertion of rubber enhanced the flexibility and shock absorption of the bat.

  • Weight- 1150-1250 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Singapore cane handle
  • Edge thicknesses- 36-40mm
  • Sweet spot- middle
  • Bat Grade- 3

4. Gortonshire focus Kashmir willow bat

It is a bat from the gortonshire series of the cricket bat. The curved blade is designed for powerful performance. Shaped traditionally providing good stability while playing. It is provided with the Chetvek grip.

  • Weight- 1100-1230 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak Cane handle
  • Edge thicknesses-37-40 mm

3. SS Retro 20/20 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Size SH

It has the latest 2021 design from the SS brand. This bat has a perfect body balance because of its perfect edge thickness. It comes with an SS authenticity hologram.

  • Weight- 1120-1240 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak cane handle
  • Sweet spot- middle
  • Edge thickness- 34-39 mm

2. MRF Winner Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Size SH

It is made from premium quality Kashmir Willow. This bat is perfect for both advanced as well as intermediate-level players. This bat is specially made for the T-20 game.

  • Weight- 1160-1280 grams
  • Handle shape- round
  • Edge thickness- 35-40 mm

1. SS Ton Reserve Edition Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

It's the elite one, cream of the crop, which comes in the super best grade 1 premium category of the bat. It has the latest shape with TON edges. To achieve maximum power, it is processed naturally. It is traditionally shaped & styled for maximum stability.

  • Weight - 1150-1245 grams approximately
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak cane handle
  • Edge thickness- 38-41mm
  • Sweet profile- Middle
  • Bat Grade- 1