​Top 5 Mid-Range Cricket Bats of the Season

​Top 5 Mid-Range Cricket Bats of the Season

29th Apr 2024

Top 5 Mid-Range Cricket Bats of the Season


5. Spartan Heritage

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Spartan Heritage Cricket Bat! Crafted with precision and steeped in tradition, the Spartan Heritage bat embodies the spirit of champions. Engineered for power, balance, and control, it's the weapon of choice for modern-day gladiators on the cricket field. With its sleek design and superior performance, every stroke feels like a conquest. Elevate your game, embrace the legacy.

Key Features:

* Round Handle.

* Curved Edges. Edge Thickness 38 to 42 mm

* Specially designed Scale Grip of the Bat Handle- for complete bat control.

4. Reebok Blast

Experience explosive power with the Reebok Blast cricket bat. Crafted with precision and innovation, this bat is designed to elevate your game to new heights. Engineered for maximum performance, its superior construction promises unmatched durability and strength on the pitch. Step up your cricketing prowess with the Reebok Blast, where every stroke resonates with power and precision.

Key Features:

* It is suitable for play at Club and County level.

* 6-9 Straight Grains.

* 1175-1225 Grams weight.

3. Gray Nicolls Delta Edition 3.0 GN7

Introducing the Gray Nicolls Delta Edition 3.0 GN3 Cricket Bat: a masterpiece of craftsmanship and precision engineering. Designed for the discerning cricketer, it combines tradition with innovation, offering unparalleled performance on the pitch. Elevate your game with this iconic bat, where every stroke resonates with power and finesse.

Key Features:

* Light Pick Up with a Unique Blade Shape.

* Large 36-40 mm Edge Thickness.

* Large Low profile Bat ideal for front foot play.

2. SS Ton Gutsy

Meet the SS Ton Gutsy, the epitome of power and precision on the cricket pitch. Crafted with care and finesse, this bat promises explosive shots and unbeatable performance. From seasoned players to aspiring cricketers, the Gutsy is the ultimate weapon for dominating every game with style and confidence."

Key Features:

* Specially designed Scale Grip for the Bat Handle- for Control and Comfort

* Combination of Sarawak Cane Handle.

* Huge Edge & Super Rebound Quality

1. SG Sunny Tonny Icon Black

Crafted with precision and endorsed by cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, this bat embodies the essence of classic cricketing techniques with modern advancements. Its superior balance and power make every shot feel effortless, giving players the confidence to dominate the game. Elevate your performance with the SG Sunny Tonny Icon Black Cricket Bat - the ultimate choice for discerning cricketers.

Key Features:

* Modern shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots.

* Excellent bat for a Mid Range Price.

* Edge thickness 38-40 mm.