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DSC Krunch 3000 Cricket Batting Gloves Size

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Was: ₹3,475
Now: ₹2,950
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Features of DSC Krunch 3000 Cricket Batting Gloves Size : 

 Latest 2024 Design

* The polyurethane used for the finger rolls is also imported.

* Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers of the bottom hand.   

* Nylon gusset for ventilation. 

* Ergonomic finger and thumb splits. 

* Sponge-padded polyurethane back for better fit and comfort.

* Lightweight and rounded high-density foam finger rolls. 

* Split thumb and three-piece sidebars on lead hand.

* Leather tabs on fingertips.

* Leather patch on hard-wearing areas of the palm.

* Mesh thumb for better ventilation.

* Polyurethane embossed knuckles.

* Toweled wristband with embossed Velcro fastener.  

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