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Kookaburra Cricket Apex Base Layer Skin Fit Black

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Was: ₹1,999
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Features of Kookaburra Cricket Base Layer Skin Fit :

Base Layer Skin Fits are a premium product of Kookaburra Cricket  

* Kookaburra Base Layers are designed to enable optimum performance.

 * Supports body's ntural lactic acid removal for enhanced recovery and prevention of injury.

 * Motion Fit for a second skin feeling with un-restricted range of movement.

  At Cricketer Shop Kookaburra Cricket Base Layer Skin Fit is available also in colour White. Please see items under 'Kookaburra Cricket Apparel. Also, see more Cricket Apparel and Kit from GM, Adidas, Gortonshire, MRF, SG, SS and Shrey under 'Cricket Clothing'. Cricketershop has the widest range of Cricket Apparel in India.      

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